Photobook Jargon – A Guide for Dummies

Photobook Jargon; A Guide for Dummies

We all have that one friend who, despite their incredible academia… is lacking in a little common sense…

…If that person is you, you’re in the right place, here is a guide to the lingo used in association with photobooks that needs that extra bit of explanation. Lets start our Photobook Jargon – A Guide for Dummies.


  • Page? Side? Spread? What?


page - spread

  • VIP = Very Important Photobook?

Our VIP range of photobooks are our highest quality books and best selling range.

We have three types of photobook; VIP, Premium Layflat and Premium. They are distinguished by;

  1. Printing method used to produce them
  2. Weight and Quality of paper
  3. Binding technique

Photobooks Jargon - A Dummies Guide

VIP Photographic Seamless Layflat Photobooks

Photographically Printed
• 440gsm Fuji Photolustre DP2 paper
• Seamless LayFlat
• Reverse Mounted Pages

Layflat Premium Photobook

• Press Printed
• 216gsm Premium Silk Paper
• LayFlat
• Sewn Bound

Premium Photobooks

• Press Printed
• 200gsm White Satin Paper
• Non LayFlat
• Sewn Bound


  • The Spine of the book

You may have come across the term ‘spine’ on our website.

The Spine of a book refers to the outside edge of the book where the pages are gathered and bound. (


Spine diagram
The VIP Photographic Layflat Seamless Range have ‘no visible break in the spine’, but what does this mean?
The book has been reverse mounted and is bound to give a Seamless, LayFlat finish.
Our Premium Layflat Range have a ‘small break in the spine’, but what does that mean?
The book has been professionally sewn bound and so gives a LayFlat finish. This is available with our Layflat Premium range of photobooks.

Image Source:



  • gsm = grams per square metre

Gsm refers to the substance weighting of the paper. Both weight and thickness determines the gsm but in general, the higher the gsm, the thicker the paper.


gsm per page Similar feel to…


Standard printing paper




Premium Photobooks




The average book cover

LayFlat Premium Photobooks 216gsm A business card
VIP Photographic Seamless Layflat Photobooks 440gsm An advertisement banner or two thick pieces of card



  • Multi page PDF

PDF is a type of file format and a multi-page PDF combines multiple pages into one document.



  • Page Style

Vanilla software offers you a set of pre-designed pages so that you can simply drag and drop page designs into your photobook. This is a quick and easy way to add variety to your book.



  • Masks

Vanilla software offers you a range of Masks to use in your photobook. Drag and drop a mask onto one of your photos. The black section of the mask will be replaced with your picture. A fantastic tool to help you get creative when building your book.

Before mask

After mask

Photobook Jargon Photobook Jargon


  • Add a block colour background 

To add a picture background; Go to the tab named, ‘Backgrounds’ at the bottom of the page.

To add a block colour background;

Go to the right hand panel of your screen, click on the blank page icon, select which page you want to design and choose your colour.

  • What is a Photobook?

Remember that time when you had to get your pictures printed, cut them to size then finally stick them in your album? Remember how long that would take? Have you got time for that? Leave the smudge marks and sticky fingers behind and step into the digital future with the online photo album designed by you, we call them Photobooks.



  • Why are we called Vanilla Photobooks?



This one is obvious… Who doesn’t like Vanilla? No one.

Thus, we cater for EVERYONE!


We hope you enjoyed Photobook Jargon – A Guide for Dummies.

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