Photographic Vs Digital

What is the difference? 

Photographic Vs Digital albums.

The difference between Photographic and Digitally printed albums is clear from the results below.


Photographic Vs Digital

(close up) Photographically printed using a silver halide printing process allows a flawless finish.


Photographic Vs Digital

(close up) Digitally printed using an indigo press.


Photographic Photobooks

Which paper does Vanilla use for their VIP Photographic Photobooks?

We use Fuji Photolustre DP II paper.

‘Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digitalpaper Type DP II is a silver halide color paper with a thicker base and high stiffness […] It has the highest level of image stability, so it is ideal for display purposes.’ (Fuji Film, 2015)


 How thick is the paper used?

The total weight of each leave is 440gsm. It is about 1mm thick.


How are the VIP Photographic Photobooks bound?

The pages are reverse mounted and compressed to produce completely seamless layflat spreads.


Digital Photobooks 

Which paper does Vanilla use for their Layflat Premium Photobooks?

We use Mazina Layflat paper.

The layflat technique was successfully achieved with Mazina Flexbind Layflat paper. ‘Flexbind paper incorporates a hinge along one edge, together with an edge stiffener that stops it flipping prematurely in the press.’ (, 2013).


 How thick is the paper used?

The weight of the paper is 216gsm.


How are the VIP Photographic Photobooks bound?

The pages thread sewn to ensure the pages will not fall out.


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