Vanilla Software Top Tips

We believe the Vanilla V5 software is easy to use and super efficient but are you making the most of it?

Enhance your designs with these 3 easy Vanilla Software Top Tips:-


1. Use Shapes to Add Another Dimension


Vanilla Software Top Tips


To create the above affect:

  1. Here we have two picture boxes on this page. One filling the entire spread which can be achieved with one of the pre-set templates it the software. The other one picture box can be achieved by selecting the ‘Add picture Box’ button in the middle tool bar. (It looks like a picture box with a green plus sign on it). Then position this towards the bottom of your page. To change the effects on the picture box select the image box then, in the right hand tab check the ‘Boarder’ section, a thin black boarder will appear around the image box. Then change the colour to ‘White’, the size to ‘1.0’ and the opacity to ’90’.  Add a drop shadow by checking the ‘Drop Shadow’ section.
  2. To add the shapes click ‘Insert’ – ‘Shape’ – ‘Rectangle’. A black box will appear on your screen.
  3. Drag one side of the box to make it the length of the spread as above. Select it by clicking on the shape once. Drag and drop it towards the bottom of your page. Above I have positioned the shape near the bottom of the page, leaving it a few cms up from the red line.
  4. Change the colour and the opacity of your shape. To do this select your shape, go the right hand tab. Where it says ‘Colour’ click on the small box and select ‘white’. Where it says ‘Opacity’ change the number to ’60’
  5. Copy and paste. Right click on your shape and select ‘Copy’ then right click on your page and select ‘Paste’. You will then have two identical shapes on your screen.
  6. Select the second shape and make it as thin as possible. Drag and drop it on one side of the main shape. You’re almost there!
  7. ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ this thin shape, then drag and drop this one on the other side of the main shape. Arrange them evenly.

You can now copy and paste these three items together to be added onto any page within your album.


2. Get Creative with Text


Vanilla Software Top Tips


To create the above effect:

  1. Click ‘Insert’ – ‘Text Box’. A text box will appear on your screen.
  2. Double click the box to edit the text.
  3. Start typing. The text will be very small at first.
  4. Highlight the text, then in the left hand tab the ‘T’ will give you all of the options for editing the text.
  5. The text used above is ‘Pristina’ font, ’35’ opacity and ranges from ‘130 – 48’ character size.
  6. Copy and paste the text box, double click on it, type in a new word and change the size of the text.
  7. Keep doing this and re-arrange the text boxes on your page as required.
  8. You can copy and paste your text boxes throughout your album to ensure you keep the same text box settings.


3. Save Time by Saving Your Spreads


Vanilla Software Top Tips


To create the above:

  1. Design your perfect spread.
  2. Above there is a mask on the middle image and two smaller images either side with a thick white border of ‘1.5’ size and ’90’ opacity.
  3. The background is a marble effect image which is only used in our Album Design Service. The background is set to ’64’ opacity. We’ve also set the background as a dark orange so this slightly shows through the background image, changing the colour.
  4. When you are 100% satisfied with your design click on ‘Page Styles’ in the bottom tab.
  5. Click on the small cog symbol and select ‘Save Spread as Page Style’.
  6. A pop up window will appear. Give you spread a name. The software will then save your spread in the ‘Page Styles’ section. This may take a couple of minutes depending on how many projects you have previously made with the software.
  7. You now have the freedom of dragging and dropping this page style onto other pages in your album as well as in future projects of this album type. Saving you heaps of time!


We hope you’ve found the Vanilla Software Top Tips helpful and you’re now well on your way to developing your own design styles.

All photographs used within the images above are courtesy of Neil Bowler Photography.


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