Auto update / Placing your order

What is Auto Update?

Ensure that the Auto Update feature is turned on to ensure you are working with the latest software. We are constantly making improvements for your benefit. When you open your software for the first time agree to auto updates or alternatively check your preferences under the file menu and ensure ‘Automatically Check For Updates’ is ticked. Watch our short video tutorial below to see how to check for software updates.



How do I log in to my account?

You can log in to your account by clicking on the login link in the new account confirmation email that you will receive after setting up a new account.

I can’t remember my login details.

If this is the first time you have made a project and are looking to log in for the first time you need to make a new user account. The original registration on the website to get the free book offer is unrelated.

Make sure that is approved in your mail software to ensure you get our emails.

My job status is showing as ‘Waiting For Files’ — what does this mean?

After the checkout process the software will create and then upload your finished pages to our server for production.

You have not yet uploaded your files.

Go back into the software, open the project, click the trolley icon, agree to the T&Cs and then, when the box pops up, select the option ‘Upload Finished Pages’ and press continue.

You will not be charged for this as you have already paid.

Your computer will then upload the files to us for production.

I have gone to upload my files and the software says my pictures are missing.

You have used images that the software can no longer find on your PC. You have either moved them or deleted them. Please either put them back or restore the link by opening them in the left hand picture library window.

Please ensure that your image files have a standard 3 character .jpg suffix to the filename as the software will not recognise files with a non-standard suffix such as .jpeg

Why are my files taking a very long time to upload?

At peak times we can have several hundred people trying to upload files simultaneously. Our servers will only allow a certain number meaning you can’t connect or you will get a slow connection. Please try again at a later time.

A broadband connection is recommended and uploading via 3G may take a long time or fail to complete.

I have not received an order confirmation, why?

Make sure you can receive emails from
The emails have probably gone in to your spam folder.

I am being asked to pay for postage even though it is supposed to be free, why?

We offer Free First Class Post from time to time. To take advantage of this offer select FREE First Class Post in the Shipping Method Section when placing your order.

I have made an error in my book, can I resubmit the images?

Our system is fully automated and can produce thousands of photo products a day. Once files have been uploaded to our servers they are automatically processed and queued for production. If you have made a mistake please contact us using the contact button but we cannot guarantee we can stop production as it may be too late.

Can I order more copies of a book I have already received?

Yes, to create a new order from an existing project that has already been ordered please do the following:

  1. Open the Vanilla Photobook Creator software
  2. Select ‘Open an Existing Project’
  3. Select the Duplicate Project button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Give the reprint a name that is different to the original and click OK
  5. Now open the new project and proceed to the checkout to re-order
  6. You can make any amendments you want to the project before re-ordering