Can I import my own page designs into Vanilla Photobook Creator?

Yes you can! If you’re an experienced graphic designer, or familar with using layout software (e.g. InDesign or Photoshop), you can export your layouts as ‘.jpg’ files and import them easily into the Vanilla Photobook software. Simply follow the instructions below:

Step 1

Choose a photobook style and format from our wide range of photobooks.

Set the document size and bleed settings within your chosen layout software to the relevant page dimensions shown below and create your photobook layout. We recommend creating your layout as spreads although single pages can also be created.

Step 2

If you are using Adobe InDesign:

Export layouts from Indesign as .jpg Files

• Choose ‘File’ > ‘Export’ from the main menu

– Enter a suitable filename, e.g. ‘My Photobook’

– Select JPEG in the ‘Format’ dropdown

– Choose an empty folder to save your files to

– Select ‘All Pages’

– Select ‘Spreads’

– Select ‘Quality’ (Maximum), ‘Format Method’ (Baseline),
‘Resolution’ ( 300ppi), ‘Colour Space’ (RGB)

– Tick ‘Embed Colour Profile (sRGB colour profile should be used)’

– Tick ‘Anti-alias’

– Tick ‘Use Document Bleed’ Settings

• Click’ Export’ and the files will be saved to the empty folder.

Indesign will automatically number your ‘.jpg’ files for you.


If you are using Adobe Photoshop:

Export layouts from Photoshop as Jpg Files

• Choose ‘File’ > ‘Save as…’ from the main menu

– Enter a suitable filename, e.g. ‘Spread 001’ for example,
and ‘Cover 000’ for the front cover

– Choose an empty folder to save your files to

– Select ‘JPEG’ in the ‘Format’ dropdown

– Tick ‘Embed Colour Profile’

• Click ‘Save’

– Select ‘Quality’ (Maximum)

– Tick ‘Format Options’ (Baseline)

• Click ‘OK’

• Repeat above for all the spreads in your layout, naming the files with the relevant spread number.


now continue to Step 3 opposite…

Step 3

Importing your JPG files into the Vanilla Photobook software

– Setting up the template

• Open the Vanilla Photobooks software

• Click ‘Create a New Project’

• Select your required Photobook from the list of products

• Enter a suitable name for your project and click ‘Create’

• Click on the first spread in the preview window at the top of the screen (Spread 1-2)

• Drag a full spread page style (Van 006) from the ‘Page Styles’ pane at the bottom of the screen up into the main layout area and drop it onto the spread.

•  Repeat this process for all spreads within the layout, and the cover page if required.

• Add additional spreads to your layout if your book has more than 12 spreads – do this by choosing ‘Page’ > ‘Add’ from the top menu

– Add the JPG files you made saved earlier

• Click on the ‘+’ button in the left hand ‘Pictures’ pane

– Select ‘Computer’ > ‘Add folder containing pictures’

– Select the folder containing your saved ‘.jpg’ files

• Click ‘ Select’

Your ‘.jpg’ files will now appear in the left hand pane in numerical order

• Click the ‘Autoflow’ button in the central toolbar to automatically flow your ‘.jpg’ files into the layout.

(You can manually drag and drop the ‘.jpg’ file into your layouts if you do not wish to use the ‘Autoflow’ feature.)

Step 4

We would recommend that you now check your photobook layout using the ‘Check Project’ and ‘Preview’ functions within the software before placing your order.

When you are happy with the layout, click on the ‘Shopping Cart’ icon in the central toolbar to proceed to checkout.



If your layout software will not allow you to export pages as ‘.jpg’ files directly you can export them as PDF files (300DPI RGB with sRGB colour profile) and then convert them in Photoshop or similar editing software to ‘.jpg’ format.

Simply open the PDF in Photoshop; a dialogue box will open asking for DPI, and color settings. Select ‘Bleed Box’. Select all of your pages, set your DPI to 300 (preferred, but 150 DPI is okay), and set the color mode to RGB.

You can then follow ‘Step 2’ onwards to create your book.

If you do not have Adobe Photoshop, you can download a free version of Photoshop CS2 from