Problems placing your order

Why does my software hang after I accept the terms & conditions / why am I getting an error message “Can’t connect to server”?

Once you have accepted our terms and conditions the software sends a URL link request. Your default browser should open and the login page open. If your computer hangs this may be because no default browser is selected. You need to make a browser on your computer the default. Instructions on how to do this with some common browsers are shown here:

Default Web Browser Instructions

When I click the ‘Continue’ button in the online order form, it takes me back to the login screen?

This means that your browser has been set to block cookies which means that the online order form will not function correctly. You must enable cookies in the security or privacy settings within your browser then begin the order process again from within the Vanilla Photobooks software.

I have checked my job status and it still says ‘In Production’, what does this mean?

This means your files have uploaded correctly to our servers but your order is not yet despatched. Once received your order goes through several production processes before despatch. This process can take anything from 24 hours to 7 working days. Once completed and despatched you will receive an email confirming that your product is on it’s way. Ensure you can receive emails from