Using the Vanilla Software

IMPORTANT NOTE – Adding your photos

Your photos need to be saved as RGB JPEGs (with sRGB colour profile). They should be copied to a folder on a local hard drive before adding them to the Vanilla software. Do not add photos directly from a USB drive or CD as this could cause a problem when uploading your order.

Once you have started creating a book you should avoid moving the folder of photos, as this will break the link between them and the software. If this happens don’t worry, you will be warned that the images are missing and will have to show the software the new folder location.

Do I have to use the pre-set pages?

No, you can change the layout to suit you. Vanilla photobooks start with plain pages that can be used and edited as you wish. Simply choose a page style and drag it onto your page.

What should I do when I get a message about updates?

Check the updates and decide whether to update the software. Select the relevant box, click on start and your software will start the update process.

How do I edit, scale or crop an image after I’ve placed it into a picture box?

Double click on the image. This will open the image box editor where you can define the area you want by using the drag and drop resize tool. You can also move the area around to select the part of image you want to use.

Can I rotate my images?

Yes, it’s easy. Right click on the image in the left hand panel before using it within your document. If you’ve already placed the image into your document you simply select the orientation tool in the Inspector panel to rotate the image on the page.

How can I stop an image resizing when I rotate it?

Open the picture box by double clicking and select the area of the picture that you want to be displayed using drag and drop.

Can I cut and paste text from other packages into my Vanilla photobook?

Absolutely. Use Ctrl-C or Apple-C to copy from your package, double click your text box on the Vanilla Photobooks page and then use Ctrl-V or Apple-V to paste the text into the text box.

Can I select my own image as a background?

Yes. Simply add your image to the backgrounds tab using the ‘+’ button on the right hand side of the tab. Or you can drag and drop your image onto the page, right click, select fit to page or spread and send to back if required. You can change the opacity of your image using the Inspector palette.

Can I add a printed cover after creating my book without one?

No, sorry. You must select the printed cover option before creating your Vanilla photobook.

What size or resolution should my image be?

Ideally images should be 300dpi at actual size of print – this will give you the very best possible result.

What happens if I get warning triangles with the ‘low quality message’?

Most images will reproduce fine in the printed product. If you’re using images from a mobile phone or a low megapixel (eg 2 megapixel) camera then the finished print quality will only be as good as the image provided. It’s completely up to you whether to continue using lower resolution images.

Why does the image on the cover look slightly different from the same image used on an inside page?

There will always be a difference between the cover and text pages for the following reasons:

Different material between text and covers will create slight variation

Different finish between text and covers will create slight variation i.e. laminate against UV varnish

Slight showthrough of greyboard on cover material may darken image slightly.

I’m trying to order my Vanilla photobook, but the software is telling me that I have empty text boxes. What does this mean?

Don’t worry! If any text boxes on the pages are left empty the software recognises this and is simply alerting you to the fact before you order. You can ignore the message and continue with your order.

Can I re-order the same book without having to upload my pages again?

Yes, but we only retain files for three months. To reorder your Vanilla photobook just email our customer service team and quote your previous order confirmation number. If you reorder more than three months after your original order, you will have to upload your pages again.

What is the standard turnaround for orders?

Up to 10 working days.

I’m in a hurry! What is the quickest turnaround?

Please see Photobook prices for further details.

Got more questions?

If we haven’t answered all your questions or you’d like to make a suggestion or comment, please contact us, complete the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.