Vintage Wedding – Fantastic Ideas

When it comes to a wedding although the main theme of the day is the union between two people that love each other, a wedding that brings a sense of nostalgia to everyone involved. With TV shows like Mad Men and Downton Abbey becoming the forefront of pop culture, vintage weddings are becoming increasingly more popular. Vintage weddings will always be in fashion, considering the creativity and the glamour that they embody.

Before the wedding comes the engagement. If you know your partner is interested in vintage garments, then getting an antique engagement ring would be worth considering. There are jewellery stores that specialise in antique rings, so going to one of these and picking out something that fits their style would be not only unique and personal, but also mean much more to the your fiancé.

Not only are vintage weddings extremely chic, but also planning a vintage wedding is more of an enjoyable experience than planning a normal wedding. The first step is planning what time period you want your vintage wedding to invoke. Do you want to have flapper style wedding with plenty of fringe and feathers? Or do you want to go for more of a 1950s classic beauty look? Maybe even a free-love 1970s look? Getting everyone’s opinion on what time period you want for your vintage wedding.

If you want your vintage wedding to be as authentic as possible then it would do you some good to do as much research on the time period. Find out what wedding invitations would look like for the period and do your best to imitate them. Rather than getting a brand new wedding dress from a bridal gown store, go to a thrift store and see if they have any vintage wedding gowns that you could have fitted and refurbished. Not only will this save you a lot of money, but a vintage wedding dress will bring a uniqueness to your wedding that will have everyone talking.

If you pick a time period where photos were only in black and white then you may want to consider having your wedding photos only taken in black and white or hire a wedding photographer who is experienced in taking vintage themed photos. Not only will these look chic and authentic, you can also turn these into postcards to send to family that isn’t able to make it to your wedding.