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We started out in a small London-based studio, creating our beloved photobooks. Since then, Vanilla has blossomed into one of the UK’s biggest and brightest suppliers of personalised keepsakes. We’re all about making sure your memories don’t become forgotten over time. Leaving your favourite moments trapped on a USB stick in a drawer somewhere means you can’t relive those happy memories, they should be displayed for all to see and cherished time after time.

That’s where Vanilla comes in, we want to make sure your favourite memories are there for you to look back on. Whether on the wall or inside a gorgeous photobook, we know how much you love your photographs and we know that displaying them means you’ll remember those precious moments time and time again.

We’re here to provide you with personalised gifts for your friends and family. Whatever size or design you need, we’re here to help you create a perfect tailored gift for a loved one or a beautiful display for your own home.

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